Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Remember your post like this Hilary?

It only took me exactly 4 months to get mine posted. :)

Books, trains, and all things sweet,

big jet planes and dancing feet - that's what Sam is made of.

Squeals and giggles, curls and wiggles -

that's what Julia is made of.

What are YOUR kids made of?

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  1. Why, yes! I do remember my post about what Isaac was made of. And I guess it was 4 months ago! :) Glad you posted your childrens' ingredients - you summed them up so nicely.
    And I have to say, it was very weird to see my name on a post title of yours! You know, just not what i'm expecting to see when I come to your blog!
    haha I'm famous :)


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