Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On the mower again

When we signed our contract to live here we were told we would be responsible for mowing our portion of the yard. We were also told that the guy who mows the public portion of the grass in the park would most likely do some of our yard because it's easy for him to make a couple trips back and forth and save us some time.

So last week when I heard the loud hum of the mower getting closer and closer to our house I peeked out the window to see just how much he'd leave for us. I hadn't realized how huge our yard is and how long it would take Brian to push mow it. I'm guessing at least an hour. I am happy to report that the kind man named Butch mows our entire yard for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's back at it again as I type this. Now if only he didn't have to do it during nap time. :) But hey- I'm not going to complain. Every time he mows he gives us more time with Brian and for that I'm thankful and ya know what? The kids are sleeping right through it.

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