Saturday, May 17, 2008


Julia's at the age where animals are identified by the sounds they makes. Cows are "mooo's", pigs are, "scrunch you face up and snort", sheep are "baaaa's", and horses are "neeeigh's" What struck me today is that Sam is at the age I was when I got my first horse, a Welsh Pony named, Banner. He was a logging horse before he came to live with us on our farm in Wisconsin. He was ornery and stubburn. I got bucked off once and refused to get back on. When my parents said that I either had to ride him or they were going to sell him, I got over my fear and started to ride again. Ten years later I had a wall full of ribbons and a few more horses in the pasture. It was a lot of work, something I didn't like as a kid, but now that I can't just walk out my front door and saddle up, I realize how lucky I really was. I mention this today because the mounted posse is here today doing some training. It was fun to let the kids see so many horses up close and personal. Someday I'll take them somewhere where they can ride (and not one of those pony rides at the county fair).

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