Thursday, May 8, 2008

I shouldn't be surprised

but that didn't stop my jaw from dropping when I peered into Julia's mouth during a tickle fest tonight and discovered that she had a new tooth. Not just any tooth, but one of her two year molars. She doesn't just have one. She has three of them. And I thought the fact that she got her shoes on all by herself this morning made her a big girl! (Sam rarely can get his shoes on by himself at 3 1/2)


  1. WOW!! I already had noticed Julia's new photo on the sidebar before you posted this. LOVE IT! And now I see Sam has a new photo too.

    And the shoes, no way. Not the back straps and everything, did she!? Funny that, at the zoo today, I had Cullen try to get his shoes on by himself. He DID try, to no avail. And just ended up whimpering "no shooooooo."

    Way to go, big girl!

  2. your 2 sound so much like my 2 at that age! Ethny was able to dress and put shoes on herself before her big brother....sigh.. I love girls!

  3. she is ADORABLE... her curls are so gorgeous. My boys have all been early 'shoe putter oners' mostly because at some point I can't bend over anymore because I'm hugely pregnant. Ha! Ozzie's time is coming.



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