Thursday, May 8, 2008

buying time

You might remember from this post that I have a digital clock in Sam's room now so he knows when it's ok to call for me int he morning. It's not exactly working anymore as he is usually calling for me by 6:15 at the very latest. Knowing that I can't very well expect him to be quiet for an hour, I have been giving him an alternative time that it's ok to call for me. Yesterday it was 6:33. I tell him that when he sees two 3's he can call. It works like a charm. Today I changed it to 6:44 and told him when he saw two 4's he could call again. Are you seeing where this is going yet? A mere ten minutes later he called me into his room to show me that in fact it was time to get up. "See Mom?" 2 -4. It was in fact 6:24 and on that note we started our day.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my word. Sometimes it DOESN'T pay for us when our kids are supersmart.


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