Friday, April 11, 2008

A whopper

You are not going to believe this. I don't believe it and I saw it with my own eyes!
I was packing a box of things to take to the new house when the kids required my attention in the other room. Upon returning to my spot on the floor in the office I spied our remaining goldfish on the floor. The floor for Pete's sake! How long had she been there? How close was she to landing on my head? WHAT HAPPENED? Near as I can tell, Mary jumped out of her bowl and fell 5 feet.
It didn't look good.
I screamed for a good two minutes before regaining enough composure to get the scoop and try to pick her up. It wasn't working so I used a paper towel to coax her lifeless body into the net. I have no idea what possessed me to dip the net in the water, but that's what I did. Immediately she started squirming her way out of the net and is currently swimming around her bowl like nothing happened. Now I have to get her a new bowlmate so she can share her harrowing tale with someone. I know I couldn't wait to tell Brian when he walked in the door a few minutes ago, but I let Sam do the honors.
"Daddy, Mary jumped out of her bowl!"
The funny thing is that he didn't acted surprised. Apparently he had a fish a child that did the same thing and lived to tell about it.


  1. That's hilarious! I rememeber that childhood fish that tried the same stunt-I think my mom had the same reaction you did! Poor lonely Mary!

  2. Oh, yeah, I dated a guy in college whose fish did that ALL THE TIME. That's just so crazy that she did that so soon after Joseph's, er, passing. It can't be a coincidence, but I must say, I would have put it past a fish to do that, but I guess I'd have been wrong!

    But seriously, I can't believe you screamed for two minutes!

    And, are you really going to get her a mate? I'm guessing you are! Joseph Jr. here you come!

  3. Maybe you have an extra smart fish. We had some fish but they never figured out how to escape!

  4. Heh, we had to buy a top for our 20 gallon tank over in the UK for that exact reason. Fred, our oscar, was famous for his escapades...

  5. I'd forgotten about that fish. It actually was stuck to the carpet and when I pulled him off, I really thought he was a goner. That fish lived many years, but always had a bad eye where he had been stuck to the carpet. I guess history does repeat itself.


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