Thursday, April 24, 2008

When it rains it pours I shop

sorry I can't get the pictures to show up. :( My internet connection has been spotty.

Here's some of my finds at the area garage sales from the past two days. How did I manage to get any shopping done while watching the kids and running my own sale? One word: Help.
Help from Wendy (Brianna's mom), who covered the sale for a bit this morning while I power shopped, help from Sharon (SIL), and help from my middle sister, Katie. THANK YOU ladies!!!
I remember last year someone requesting a photo of things I bought so here are a few. Isaac and Maisie can you spot the items I found for each of you?

Step2 toy high chair - $1

5 Gap sweaters - 50 cents each

Four dollar Gap wool coat for Julia

8 pair of pants for Sam - 1 dollar each

crocs - $2

jogging stroller - $13 looks brand new

2 Minnesota Twins jerseys - 50 cents

gymboree tights - $1

4 pair of shorts - 25 cents each

leather footstool - $20
dryer - $30
Gymboree pj's - 50 cents
large area rug - $15
white bead-board toy box - $15

I splurged a bit on this vintage Tonka Crane, but Sam played with it all day and this type of toy increases in value. He only stopped because I pulled out a bag of new track pieces ($3) The excavator Brian is playing with is pretty cool too. When Sam is busy with the crane, Julia gets a chance to pull the levers on the backhoe.

Julia jumped at the chance to try on some of her new clothes. (50 cent shirt, 50 cent skort, $2 crocs) I still can't believe that the outfit in the final picture is a 4T - it's almost too small!)


  1. I don't see any pictures! But it sure SOUNDS like you got some great deals!

    I'll come back and check to see if the pics are up later

  2. I want to see the pics too! I tried a few sales today, and found a pile of T-shirts for Justin's ever growing torso, but not much else.. So I need to live vicariously through you!!

  3. You're pictures aren't showing up... I checked a while ago and they weren't so I came back and they are still down. I have 1 post that isn't showing up. Blogger gets a little buggie sometimes.

    Wish I could gone with you... I LOVE garage sales and it looks like you found lots of great finds.

    How's the 'moving' going? :)


  4. Oh, I DID read this post of all you bought...I went through it photos distracted me:) Anyway, now I finally see where you mentioned Maisie!!! And thank you SO much for the little hoodie!!! I love it SO much!! What a nice surprise:)


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