Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

Last week when we walked to the park for the first time Julia was not happy to be in the swing. Twice I tried putting her in and both times she begged to get out. It made me worry how I was going to manage this summer with Sam always wanting to swing and Julia only wanting to slide down the slides. Sam's not old enough to pump yet so I thought I'd have to do lots of running back and forth between the kids when we walk to the playgrounds.

Sunday we walked to the playground closest to our new house and discovered that there isn't a baby swing.

Neither Julia nor I am very pleased about that.

And then there was today....

The park (here by our current home) has baby swings and she loved swinging.... What a relief!


  1. I know what's wrong with the pictures...there aren't any! Two of my favorite Sammy pictures are of him on a swing-so I'd love to see the Julia ones!

  2. Oh,brother...what's wrong with these pictures is that we can't see them! Bummer! I hate hard work down the drain. Hopefully it will be a quick fix.

    Loved the Sammy and the bark and glue story!


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