Tuesday, April 15, 2008

that's nice

...that Brian's boss offered to pay our $500 deductible to get the van fixed.

...that Brian's co-worker has been giving him a ride for the past seven months without getting anything in return (except some cookies from me once in a while)

...that Brian's dad spent 4 days working on a house he doesn't even live in just so we can have nice hardwood floors

...that my mother-in-law and sister-in-law have been babysitting more than usual so we can handle the logistics of moving/refinishing the floors.

...that my sister-in-law's friend thought of us when she heard about the caretaker position/house

Thank you isn't even a drop in the bucket, yet what else can I say?

What nice thing has someone done for you?


  1. Hey! Looks like you guys have been busy. I'm glad to finally get back to blog land and catch up with everyone (almost).

    It IS amazing how nice we can be sometimes... if only we all did it more. :)

    Talk to you soon, Brittany

  2. Those things are so nice!

    It was nice that Neurology called me today and told me my MRI on my brain came back ok!

  3. That IS nice! Well, YOU are always doing nice things for me! Like reminding me of obvious things that I would otherwise forget because my brain has turned to mush. And helping me watch my children at the CCC even though you had three kids with you, too! You are the best! You deserve for nice things to happen to you! I am glad they are!!


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