Monday, April 21, 2008

the pressure is mounting

...and not just in my head.

My "to do" list is a mile long and now the kids and I have colds to contend with as well.

Before Sunday I need to:
secure a moving truck
figure out the gear we'll need in order to camp out here for 4 nights
pack our dishes
pack all our clothes
take down curtains and curtain rods
remove nails from the wall
take cribs apart
take our bed apart
cancel our utilities
set up new utility accounts
get a new phone number
line up people to help us move (Brian's job)
find a babysitter for Thursday's garage sale
find someone to run the sale on Thursday for 3 hours
find a babysitter for Friday's sale
Get my house picked up before daycare on Tuesday and Wednesday
Work Tuesday and Wednesday
run another 3 day garage sale
wrap up some loose ends with my Usborne business
Move 6 years worth of stuff to the new house
sign Sam up for a different preschool

By next Thursday:
dye curtains for our new bedroom
get curtains hung so the bedrooms are dark at bedtime and we have the privacy we're going to need now that we'll be living in a park.
deep clean this house for the next owner
get rid of all the leftovers from the garage sale
schedule Henry's 3 month portraits
get the dog's hair cut
have our mail forwarded
have some semblance of a home put together for our first day at our new home.

I'm sure there are other things I'm forgetting, but it's time to get to school....Have a good week everyone. I don't know how much I'll be around.

On a bright note, I left the clock radio in Sam's room after Brianna used it for naps during the garage sale and on a whim I told Sam that when the "7" was back on the clock he could get up. For the first time in a LONG time Sam didn't call for me at 6. I'm hopeful that it's because my little trick worked and not because he's sick. I'm gonna need all the sleep I can get.


  1. Hi Carrie,

    Get some echineacea...take it regularly (3 x a day)and it will help that cold and any other bug that might try to bite....


  2. Oh the Joys of moving.... I hope you don't get too stressed out and you feel better soon.


  3. I will be praying for you, my friend! You are in the home stretch. Would it helped if I picked up your milk for you tomorrow? I'd be happy to!

  4. Oh man, that is quite a to-do list! Moving is such hard work, isn't it? It's so worth it though. When Rich and I moved here from IL last Sept. we decided we were going to move and 2 weeks later we were here! Your to-do list looked so much how mine did. And oh, how good it felt to cross things off that list!
    I'll be thinking of you and praying for a supernatural energy and patience to get you through it all. You are superwoman!

  5. HANG in THERE!!! I don't envy this busy busy time. But it looks like such a wonderful new home to make your own.


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