Tuesday, April 29, 2008

pay no attention to the (wo)man behind the curtain

UPDATE: I've added 2 pictures. Can you see them? The first one is of me in the library and the second is of the playroom. Someday I hope to upgrade from the cheapo white curtain rod, but for now they work. In fact, most will stay. It's the ones that the curtains are tab-tops that I want to upgrade so the rod isn't visible. I made great strides today in getting window treatments up. The windows are very tall and let in a ton of light which I hated to block out. My solution was to use cafe curtains in the kitchen, laundry room, and both bathrooms. That way for most of the day we won't have to use lights in those rooms, but we'll still have the privacy we need. Thanks for your suggestion Kelly! I'd completely forgotten about L.N.T! I might have to check that store out for the few windows I have left.

I'm out at the new house tonight getting things as settled as I can before our first day here on Thursday. Moving back out to the country and living in a public place has me a bit spooked about people looking in our windows at night. Putting curtains on 30 windows is a daunting task and gets left for the end of the day after I've worked all day long. So what am i doing blogging when I should be home sleeping? Well.... I'm also testing out our new internet service. Has anyone every used an Verizon air card before? I like the idea of being mobile and still providing service for both my computers, but I'm not getting my hopes up that it will work properly. Just in the time I've been typing this post I've been informed by Blogger at least four times that the computer can't connect to Blogger.

15 minutes later...this isn't looking good. My pictures are still not showing up and I can't wait any longer. Is this a temporary thing or is the air card not the way to go? I guess that's one thing I can't check off my list quite yet.


  1. Both Paul and I are using Verizon air cards. I find it slower than comcast was...but the portability is the benefit. And I'm learning about patience, again.

    How is your cell phone reception at the new place? I think that the air card reception would be the same as the cell phone.


  2. Hi Carrie, I know this isn't what you asked, but I wanted to pass along something that worked well for us when we first moved into this house and had to replace all the window treatments. There is a product called RediShade that you can buy at any home store (we have Bed Bath & Beyond and Linens N Things out East), and it's basically a temporary (or in our case, going on a year in some rooms) peel-and-stick cut-to-size window treatment that can be pulled up with included clips. It's awesome and it's only about $5 to $10 per window! Good luck with everything! :)

  3. I have an AT&T air card that works like a charm...don't get me wrong, it's sllooooower than my home connection, but worth it, still. It's hit and miss for me with uploading, but better than nothing! Prince Charming got it for me when Maisie was born so I could live blog her birth experience!

    Also, FUNNY title...and ironic, too...because my husband and I were making "man behind the curtain" jokes at the wonderful Cuban restaurant we were at last weekend. One entire wall of the restaurant was a HUGE velvet curtain. Odd.

    "Hang" in there with the curtains! Hardy har har, I know.

  4. YES, I can see the photos! They look GREAT, Carrie! The library, wow! That chair is AWESOME!! Is that the one that has a matching couch? LOVE the safari themed room, too!!!!


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