Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hold on to yer hats!

Aren't these "kites" fun?! Grandma Rena got them for the kids and today was a perfect day to fly them. We have a regular kite, but it is way, way way to windy to try to fly it. I would be too afraid that it would come shooting down to the ground like an arrow with the wind gusting the way it has all day. It's almost midnight and the windows are still rattling.

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  1. Ooooh! Those are AWESOME! My boys would LOVE those. Where did she find them?

    talk to you soon, Brittany

  2. It looks they are having fun with the kites. I got them at Walgreens Drug and they were only two dollars each. Pretty cheap price for those precious smils.

  3. Guess I better go back to school to learn how to spell SMILES

  4. We have those! They make stroller rides much more fun too, and I can get a good walk in.


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