Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a head start

The first of my two garage sales this month doesn't start until tomorrow, but by last night I had already sold $48 worth of items. (Ya gotta love advertising on CraigsList!) The weather is suppose to be pretty decent, the kids and I already put up all the signs around town, and if all goes well I might even be able to skip the sale next week and stay focused on moving. (two weeks from tomorrow!!)

Before I forget I have to mention what happened on our 2 mile trek to post signs this morning....
We passed a grouping of trees in various stages of decay. All were still standing, but dead. One was completely stripped of its bark. When Sam asked me what that stuff was on the ground I took the opportunity to give him a mini botany lesson. "That's bark. It goes on the outside of the tree like this (pointing to an intact tree)." I picked up a big piece of bark from the pile he had been pointing too; held it up to the bare tree and said, "See how it protects the inside of the tree?"
In a very serious voice he replied, "Oh. It looks like it needs more glue." and off he went in search of sticks to throw in the creek.

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