Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Half Birthday Sam

I look at the face staring back at me in this photograph and am overcome with love. Sam is so grown up at 3 1/2 yet is still my baby boy in so many ways. He has a great imagination and memory, he loves to have books read to him, play with play dough, snuggle before bed, sing songs in the car, play trains, trucks, and airplanes. I love you Sammy Sam!

Half birthdays at our house are about giving each child a special day and for Sam what makes his day special is cake.

and unlimited pushes on the swings.

and because he's a great big brother - he shared his cake with the rest of us.
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  1. Happy Half Birthday Sam! You are halfway there, to being 4!!!!!
    And darnit you are SO cute!

  2. Happy 1/2, Sam!!! (Carrie, I am again inspired by the care you take to make your kids feel special...on special days and special half days. That's SO wonderful! You inspire me!!)


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