Thursday, April 24, 2008

(Good thing it's) Wordless Wednesday

...because the words I have to say about the relevance of this shovel make me want to scream. Have I mentioned I'm in the middle of a garage sale and I move
in two days?

Julia insisted on carrying this shovel with her at the new house yesterday. Her accessorizing as Merranda calls it, has turned into having something special to call her own whenever her brother is playing with something on his own. The day Sam went fishing it was her water bottle. Yesterday when this photo was taken, Uncle Gary was pushing Sam around on his bike. Lately she's been sleeping with multiple stuffed animals because she doesn't want to be without her special toys (Baa, Ducky, Puppy, and B-bear)


  1. Bummer about your pictures. I definitely understand your internet connection woes. And I live in the city where you would think they have it all worked out!


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