Sunday, April 13, 2008

don't try this at home

When a stray dog wanders into your yard don't let it in your house where your unsuspecting family is eating lunch.

Pretty obvious right?
If only life were that simple.

A dog I've never seen before got too close to our yard for our dog's comfort so I rushed out to get Conor back into the house. Conor was so worked up about the trespasser that he snarled at the dog and in the process got his nose scratched. The other dog (a boxer) got spooked and ran into our house (through the open patio door) before I could get Conor under control and back inside. It was a crazy and scary couple of minutes with a random dog wandering around my home. Sam was crying. I was yelling. Julia was safe in a chair. Brian did his best to get the dog out while I tried to keep Conor from getting blood all over the place.

Turns out she was a very friendly dog who crisscrossed the neighborhood in the back of a police cruiser while the officer tried to track down her owner. I was perplexed when he knocked on our next door neighbor's door. Didn't he think I'd recognize our neighbors dog and return her? I played nice and casually asked the officer if he was having any luck. For some reason the license number came back to that address and our old neighbor's name. How odd, but not as odd as our lunchtime turned out to be.

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