Wednesday, April 23, 2008

As if...

...I didn't have enough on my plate this morning caring for three children while suffering from a terrible head cold after a fitful night sleep on the couch (Brian's sick too and snoring liking a bear.) Anyway, as if I didn't have enough to deal with, I decided at the last second to open my garage sale a day early all on my own. The rumor is that snow is on its way for Friday. S.N.O.W! For Pete's sake!!! Today it was sunny and 77 - perfect for selling stuff even if I had to keep an eye on the munchkins at the same time. Brianna's dad arrived in time for me to feed the kids lunch and put everyone down for naps. Then he and I rearranged everything so it will fit in the garage. I am sooo thankful we sold enough last weekend that things fit good this week.
As tired as I am tonight after a really long day, I'm excited for the bargains I'll find when I do a little shopping of my own first thing in the morning. I did a little shopping already and scored a dryer for the new house, some bar stools for the kitchen, and 4 pair of pants for Sam. I love garage sale season!


  1. Oh, THAT'S what you've been up to today, my friend! My, my, you are ambitious. A girl after my own heart! Glad to hear you got a sale day in, before the--gasp!--snow! How much did you make today? Been thinking of you lots...

  2. I have my money ready for Garage Sale Season too!!


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