Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - I'm dreaming of a warm day

Normally I try to keep my WW posts just that - wordless, but I had to record what an undertaking it is to get the kids outside in the winter.

I swear I had this picture and post title picked out as my WW before I took the kids out to go sledding this morning. It's even more true after the morning we've had. Overall it's been a great year for us in the getting-the-kids-outside department, but today fell in a different category. Today was one of those days where we spent more time getting ready than we we spent sledding.

Here's what it takes to get us out the door:
12 pairs of mittens (doubled up on some of us)
13 socks (lost one somewhere, leaving us with an odd number)
2 snowsuits
2 snow pants
2 coats
4 hats
2 scarves

The sleds were in the house for some reason so while I got Brianna dressed Sam was pulling Julia around on a sled. Even with that "sledding" time, it was still a pathetic effort to go sledding today. At least we tried.
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  1. Corn, gosh now that does remind me of summer. It's a great picture for distraction when you're trying to avoid more snow. :)

    Believe it or not there's actually grass in my picture. The weather has been pretty warm lately down here.

    Buck my doggie


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