Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What was I thinking?

because in order to get this:

you need this:

which leads to this:

and when that gets old....

another blank canvas is used:

I think you missed a spot Sam.

So what was running through my head as this scene unfolded a mere 12 inches from my light beige carpet?

Now I remember why we don't do this very often.
How sad that my kids only paint a few times a year.
This was so worth the hassle of cleaning up.
I hope Sam remembers that we did this.
I hope this paint doesn't stain their skin like the green marker did on Julia's face last week.
I'm sooo glad that Brian called to say he was on his way so I would soon have a second pair of hands to get the kids in the tub.

Amazingly we made it to this:

without getting a drop on the carpet or any left on their skin.


  1. Great job on not letting the "mess" ruin the success! The process of painting is so fun for kids..and I can tell Sam and Julia had a blast!
    I've seen Isaac in the same position many a time :) Washable paint and bathtubs.....that's the solution!

    See you tomorrow!

  2. Going through all that work and mess was worth the great photos you got, alone! But, to boot, your kids had a blast...and a chance at major artistic expression...and you also get to keep (or, photograph) their final product(s) and had something fun to kill a bunch of time with!

  3. Totally lovin' Julia's robe! Ethny also loves hers, even though it is a Thomas the Train hand me down from big brother.

  4. All that painting and no paint on the carpet--that is impressive.


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