Saturday, March 8, 2008

My girls

Technically Julia is my only girl, but I did spend a significant amount of time with this other beauty, my cousin Elsie. Eight years ago I moved in with my aunt and uncle to become their baby's nanny. It was a special job because it wasn't just a job, I was caring for my cousin. Three years later Porter came along and I was able to spend two years caring for him as well. Yesterday the kids and I went over for a visit and to take some portraits of Elsie. Porter and Sam played fire trucks and Julia did her best to get herself into as many photos as she could before we had to call it quits because I'd squeezed every last drop of light from the setting sun. (Yet another reason I'm so anxious for spring - OUTDOOR photo sessions!!!)
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  1. What an endearing photo of "your" two girls!!!!


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