Sunday, March 16, 2008

If you give a kid a palm leaf

Of course he's going to use it to tease his little sister!

He made up for it with some big brother lovin'.

(It's worth clicking on this collage to zoom in on their expressions.)

Sam also led the whole congregation into the sanctuary once I had him convinced he could do it bribed with a donut.
Julia's job? Look cute.

After they'd had their weekly dose of sugar as their reward for jobs well done, we brought them home for naps in an attempt to catch up on the sleep we lost last night when they took turns waking us up for three hours.
"I love you Mom."
"I want to hold your hand."
"What was that noise?"
"I want to snuggle."

Julia's matra didn't waver from "NU-NEE!!!! NU-NEE!!!"


  1. Julia's dress and hat are so adorable!! Oh, she's a sweetie.

    It's looks like you are doing a great job keeping your 4H pledge!

  2. Thanks, for taking this great photo Carrie! I sent this to Karl-Dieter....your blog always cheers me up when I feel depressed.DC

  3. That last pic of Julia is PERFECTION!!! So very sweet!


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