Saturday, March 15, 2008

blogging from bed

I've talked about before in reference to turning my blog into a book, but recently I've found another use for this great site - coffee table books for photography clients. After a shoot I take their images and create a mock-up of what a book would look like and then invite them over to preview it in between daycare/naps/school/a messy house. They have the opportunity order a book after making any changes to the layout and within two weeks the final product is shipped to me for approval. I then arrange a time to drop off their finished book. This system works, but it's not very efficient. Blurb won't post a book in the bookstore until at least one copy is purchased and as you can imagine, buying a book just in case a client wants one is not good for anyone (except maybe Blurb). So.... Last week I used some of our TaxReturn money to purchase a laptop that allows me to show the book layouts when I drop off their print orders. I won't lie - it's also nice for blogging in bed or on the couch.
I've created links on my sidebar to my blurb bookstore. Simply click on the icon and you'll be directed to the site. Click on My Bookstore and you can see the first 15 pages of my published books and the reason my blogging has been suffering. Don't forget that friends and family don't pay a sitting fee for portrait sessions. It would be my pleasure to design a book for YOU!

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