Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I spent 30 minutes picking these tiny pieces of "dirt" off the carpet today after the kids decided it would be fun to see how far (and how fast) they could throw as much as possible before I put an end to that little game.

This is an old photo from last year, but we're still using this same "dirt" to beat the winter blah's.
Some of the soybeans have been dropped down the heat register, others are out of reach behind the couch, I'm sure still more are tucked behind the entertainment center.... and that's where they'll stay until we move.
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  1. Oh, I woulda just vacuumed them. Bad for my vacuum probably, right? I totally thought I remembered this as a "last year" photo. And I was right! Yeah, I guess my millet WAS worse than that I see the nice and big! Not little and rolly and EVERYWHERE! Oh, well, a kid's gotta have fun in winter somehow!!!

  2. Oooohh! GREAT idea! I might have to borrow this one...

    Sorry for the deluge of comments - I'm catching up on your blog after a hiatus! :)


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