Tuesday, February 5, 2008

that doesn't happen every day

  • Both my kids were up before six this morning.
  • I spent almost five hours between two movie theaters.
  • I saw portions of three different movies in the same day.
  • I was bold enough to go up to someone that looked awfully familiar and strike up a conversation to see if in fact I did know her.
  • I do know her - I last saw Pastor Sarah* three or four years ago when I attended my grandma's church on Christmas Eve. She lives 20 minutes from the Community Center, but happened to pick today for her first visit.
  • While picking up a photo order at a local business, there on the counter sat 4x6's of someone I know - Isaac .

* To top it all off, just yesterday I'd been thinking of her and the sermon she shared that Christmas about her broken nativity set from Mexico.

- that doesn't happen every day, but today it did.


  1. You saw Isaac's pictures tonight while you were picking up yours?! Funny and so random!:) I just ordered them online this afternoon and Rich went and picked them up for me tonight.
    You certainly had a day of random happenings :)

  2. Wow, what a day! I've been thinking of you...but have been feeling sad and out of sorts, so I don't feel I have the energy to email tonight...but am glad to read about the unique day you had!

  3. Saying a prayer for you MCK Mama before heading to bed. Don't feel bad about not writing, I didn't have the energy to write as much tonight either.

    Love ya!

  4. It's a small world afterall. :)

    Sounds like a good day though.


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