Monday, February 4, 2008

Thanks to Sam

I have a picture of what Julia looked like with pink eye.

I also have a picture of which socks Brian and his dad were wearing last Sunday night.

I also have a couple of Brian's sister and his mom, but I love my SIL and MIL too much to post unflattering pictures taken by their favorite 3 year old.

I can post this one of Julia and I (looks like someone's finger was over part of the flash)
and this one of Mommy and Daddy. (Check out those senior pictures on the wall)

I think we're going to have to get Sam his own camera one of these days. He loves taking pictures. Looks like it runs in the family. (My uncle was a photographer and my dad was a wedding photographer when I was a kid.)


  1. I see your husband's senior picture, but is that you with the long brown hair, right above you??

  2. Nope, that's my SIL, Sharon, but you've got me thinking...Where IS my senior picture stashed and what kind of post could I make with it? hhhmmmmm

  3. My justin loves taking pictures too! i am looking into one of those heavy duty digital cameras for kids.. you'll have to let me know if you end up getting one too.

    And that poor pink eye of Julia's looks all to familiar....

    And, my mother recently gave Justin my senior wearing a denim shirt and cut off gerbaud jeans.. so emabarassing... i'll post it if you post yours :)

  4. You're on Merranda - just as soon as I can find one. :)

  5. Oh, I have never EVER even THOUGHT about letting Kieran touch a real camera. But what a fun idea! I'm sure he would love it! (I'm assuming these were taken with your point and shoot? I don't have one of I'd say Kieran is out of luck for a few years.)

  6. Love his take on the evening! Especially that sock picture : )


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