Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So that's why I got one of the best parking spots at the mall today

Because it was only one degree outside, which for the record, was 12 degrees warmer than when we left the house this morning with zero notice at 6:45am after getting a call from Brian's coworker who usually picks him up saying that his car wouldn't start. As I was saying, it was COLD out so I was thrilled to find a spot super close to the Underwater Adventures entrance of the Mall of America. We spent a couple hours having our own underwater adventure (Thanks a million Rena!) and some bonus time at the Barnes&Noble train table before dashing through the stinging cold to the van. It was then that I saw that I had mistakenly parked in a handicap spot where the fine is $200 for parking there without a pass. Ouch. My stomach was in knots until my quick scan of the windshield did not yield a ticket secured with my broken windshield wiper. ticket. Phew. It was an honest mistake after all. I mean really - who could enjoy a trip to the mall if they were taking such a stupid risk? I had pulled into the spot from the other aisle where you couldn't see the sign hanging from the ceiling and with all the white stuff on the cement everywhere from it being winter, there was no sign of the telltale wheelchair logo.

It appears that the mall was making amends for ruining this past Saturday. I guess not having to fork over $200 makes up for the 30 minutes it took to drive 1 1/2 blocks, the roads closed with no explanation or alternative options, the three hour wait for a dinner reservation, the insane amount of people with their heads in the clouds who were always blocking our get the idea.

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