Friday, February 1, 2008

Move over Ty Pennington

Sam's in the house.

Except in our extreme home makeover the demo comes at the end of the show.

It goes just as fast though.


  1. okay, whoa. great post idea. great. great. gotta love gingerbread house demo! we did ours a few weeks back. after eating and nibbling off it. did you guys get to e and n off yours first, too?

    um, i just realized: is that a HAMMER in the last shot? wow, he really gets serious, huh?


  2. Once we moved it to the living room for display there wasn't that constant begging to eat more like I had told you about after we made it so no, no n and e.
    YES that is a hammer. :)
    Originally I had asked Sam if it was ok to throw it away and when we put it in the garbage it just begged to be demolished. He grabbed his plastic hammer and went to town. I wasn't going to take any pictures, but then after it was apart I decided to snap a few. He thought it was so fun - maybe we will make one again next year after all.

  3. that was a great post! maybe destroying it is half the fun!
    Isaac's gingerbread house still sits on top of our fridge.
    I think I know what will happen to it now...
    "Isaac, go get your toy hammer!"

  4. Looks like fun! We have that same striped sweater. Cute!


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