Friday, February 8, 2008

Love thy neighbor

During Sunday school a couple weeks ago the kids made muffins and learned about sharing with others. Sam tends to clam up at church when people talk to him, but not this day. He walked carefully into the fellowship hall with his tray of warm muffins and handed them all out. He was so sweet about it.

"Would you like a muffin?" he'd ask.

Stunned, the other members would ask, "I can have one?"
"SURE you can!" Sam exclaimed.
My heart swells with love for this little man and the love he shows for his "neighvors"

...and for the record: He helped with the dishes too. Won't his bride be a lucky gal!


  1. What a well mannered boy!

    I love the picture of him and the older lady - sweet!

  2. That's very sweet and an excellent way to help work shyness. :)


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