Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm not seeing the humor this morning

If you've ever been to a Renaissance Festival there's a chance you saw this duo perform. Years ago I saw them live and enjoyed their humor, but now that I'm experiencing puke & snot in real life....not so funny. Julia's had a cold for a few days that is still lingering but I knew that the wet I felt on her sleeve when I went into her room this morning at 5:20 meant more trouble. (Most people have their nose to keep them from avoiding putting their hands smack dab in the middle of puke, but if ever there was proof that my sense of smell is extremely weak - this was it.) It's looking like there isn't a connection to what happened yesterday. We've already had the stomach flu once this winter and I pray this time will be our last.


  1. OMG-been there with the hand smack dab in the middle of the puke. W.W. had a hard night a little while back and I was sleeping in bed with him. He started hacking and suddenly sits up and I lean over and my hand goes splat. Yep I agree it's pretty gross. Hope it was just an upset stomach.

  2. I'm sorry... I tagged you for something silly. :) It's on my blog.


  3. No fun! Over here too....

    Hope she feels better and that the rest of you stay healthy!

  4. Oh man.... that totally sucks. I have blogged about this before and you certainly dont have to t ake/use my advcie but I thought I'd toss it out there. When Land gets sick I give him (and used to have to give it to him more often when he was younger) Primadophilus. I buy it at our co-op They have a couple different ways that they can take it. I just today bought ath Primadophilus Kids. It helps with their immune systems and nausua too. Just thought I'd toss that out there for ya.

  5. Oh I feel for you! We've had the vomit aorund our house too in the past month! YUCK! Hang in there.


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