Thursday, February 28, 2008

Date night

We had a chance to go to dinner and a movie tonight. I even got to go to the gym before hand! Pancakes at Perkins, Enchanted at the theater, and lots of time to talk in the car while I drove slowly on the snow covered roads made for an eventful Thursday. We didn't walk in the door until almost 10pm. The kids were exhausted from all that activity and went straight to bed. That's where I'm headed too after I say another prayer for Brian who has to plow all night.


  1. So sweet... and hopefully relaxing! Bummer hubby had to leave you for the night. That must be hard... on both of you.

    talk to you later, Brittany

  2. Glad you had a date night. They are so rare and very much needed.

  3. Oh, the irony of it lost on those who don't know, I guess. I thought your clever post clever...but a bit too misleading as your date night was unfortunately not with your husband!

    But it sounds like your kids had a super time and that's gotta count for something, too!


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