Wednesday, January 23, 2008

That's a Good Question

Through the blogging grapevine I've gotten to know some creative, funny, honest, inspiring, and downright great ladies. One of those ladies, Merranda, has started posting questions on her blog for fellow bloggers that are so fun to answer. The dialog that it has started is great. It's helped me stop and think about things like, how many loads of laundry do I really do in a week or what toys do my kids play with every single day. After checking with Merranda, I decided to post her questions and my answer here rather than in her comments so I can continue to archive my family's lives. You're welcome to join in the fun - let us all know if you do. Can you tell I miss the days of Mommy Talk Mondays?

Today's Question*: What pet names/nicknames do you have for your child/children?

Samuel: We both call him Sam or Sammy Sam. Brian has never ever called him Samuel (Isn't that odd?) You'd think I'd save Samuel for when gets in trouble, but I save Samuel James for that. I call him Samuel on average once a day. For the first two years of his life Brian occasionally called him Grumpalumpalstein but I think I've finally talked him out of that one. My pet name for him is Baby Boy.

Julia: Sam called her JoJo when she was born (now he never does), but the nickname stuck for Brian and I. I have to be careful that I don't go a whole day without calling her by her given name. Brian strange thing he does where he referred to the kids as "the infant" in conversations with me. After two years of infant, he referred to Julia as "the toddler" last night. My pet name for her is Baby Girl (big surprise right?).

I think it's so interesting that we had such trouble deciding (read: agreeing) on names for the kids and now I am completely, head over heals in love with their names.

There's no set day or frequency that Merranda will be posting her questions. It's all for fun anyway, right?


  1. that sounds like fun I might have to go check that out.

  2. Carrie, I agree!! We had such trouble agreeing on names too, but now I am so happy with all their names.. And have I ever told you our Justin would have been a Julia if he was a girl?

  3. No you hadn't! Very fun tidbit of info!


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