Saturday, January 5, 2008

problem solved

I finally broke down and bought another pair of jeans. It was easier than getting my butt to the gym and took much less time since I was kidless and didn't try them on first. I got home and slipped into them and guess what!!! They fit! and for an added bonus -they're long enough for my 33 inch inseam! So they're not my prebaby size, but I must say, I'd much rather go up a size than squeeze into the ones that don't fit..yet. (I do plan to lose these 20+ pounds someday.) I feel good in these. My husband says I look beautiful (thanks Bri). But here's the problem: They're low rise and we all know what that means. Way too much skin is exposed when sitting down or bending over or doing anything other than looking in the mirror. So ya know what I did? I put on my little black slip that is about 18 inches long and tucked it in as far as I could without bunching it up. Wearing it up above my belly button means that the gap between my jeans and my backside only reveals silky black material not anything else. Problem. Solved.


  1. Very innovative with the slip! I use my Bella bands for the same reason. :)

  2. How funny Yvette! I was wishing I had one of those today to solve my problem.
    Does anyone else use that great product for this purpose?

  3. Oh, I clicked here so I could say, "I use my Bella Band for that same reason." And then I read what Yvette wrote. Funny. I guess there are others who do that, huh?


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