Friday, January 4, 2008

pop quiz

If you were going to let your kids play whiffle ball in one room in your house, which would it be?

(No fair saying the unfinished basement)


  1. my bedroom. it's the biggest room with the fewest plants or breakable things. and just plain distance, so there would be less chance of them hitting themselves with the wiffle ball, or me. then, there's the big bed and there would be a chance the ball would just land there. it's not like my kids are that strong. yet. ask me this question in three more years. anyway, what a GREAT post idea!!

  2. Ooooo, we only let our kids play whiffle ball in our unfinished basement. But in our old house, my husband & son played it in our living room, where there were the most breakable things in the house, but it was the most open space.

  3. I would say our finished basement. Besides the fireplace that I'd duct tape with pillows the only other "hazard" would be the tv...but that has lifetime-no-matter-what-happens-to-it-they'll-replace-it warranty.
    Why? Did your children decide they experiment a little?


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