Saturday, January 19, 2008

Party like it's 1999

It was nine years ago that I first saw Go Fish
in concert at my hometown middle school. It was fun to enjoy their unique sound again. Their set-up is flashier, but their message is the same. Their music is catchy, biblical, and fun for people of all ages. Moms, dads, grandmas, big kids, and little kids were jamming away.

Check out Hilary and MCK Mama's blogs for some cool shots from the concert.

I kept saying how much Julia would have enjoyed the singing, but it was nice to have special time with just Sam. The bonus was my mom was there to enjoy it with us and take a picture of me with my sweet baby boy.
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  1. Your post titles of late have absolutely amazed me, Carrie. Just perfect. I have no idea what the first little photo is. It looks like a computer part, but I'm guessing it's a shot of go fish years ago? or not? It was great to be able to see you today, as well as go fish! even if I didn't get to see you much. And I'm glad you had fun with just your mom and Sam!!!

  2. It's all the sugar I eat. Makes my random brain work in overdrive.

    The first picture is actually the disco ball from today.

    Great to see you today too. I'm glad there was a keeper out of all those waving flags and squirmy boys. :)

  3. Well, I see I should have jumped on the band-wagon of "take a picture by the waterfall at the Go Fish concert." :)
    It is very special that you got alone time with Sam. He looked a little sleepy towards the end. Did he conk out on the way home?
    Glad to see you today!

  4. Nope, he stayed awake but only because he didn't want to miss any of his Psalty CD. He was tired though and with no nap when we got home, he was sound asleep by 7:15.

    The waterfall did make a nice backdrop, but at least your behind didn't get wet like mine did.
    Did your's MCK Mama?

  5. no, no, my backside is dry. didn't realize the risk I too, I guess! thanks a million for the photo of us, Carrie!

  6. it was fun to meet you today :) fun shot of the disco ball :) i knew what it was!!
    :) must truly be the sugar :)


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