Tuesday, January 8, 2008

More questions than answers

First I'll start with some answers:
I can answer both of my pop quiz questions by posting this picture and by explaining that Brian's "baby's first chainsaw" comment came from when Julia was playing with Sam's new (plastic) tool kit. I cannot explain why my three year old informed us, his parents, that it was time for bed, but that's exactly what he did the other night. "I'm ready for night-night now. I want to try to go potty first."

I'll give you all another go at a question I threw out there months ago - Who was Brian for Halloween?

Need a hint? Watch the comments - I'll offer one tomorrow if nobody has guessed by then.

And because I have no idea how long this misinformation has been posted - can anyone tell me what "industry" my profile said I was in or which country I said I live in?


  1. I saw that it said you lived in Afghanistan. I thought that you did that intentionally to throw people off. Too funny!

  2. Boy Carrie - you are always so observant! First seeing me on the news and now the Afghanistan part!

    and for anyone who's still checking for a hint (sorry, I forgot) for Brian's costume: He's a political figure from out West somewhere.


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