Sunday, January 20, 2008

the more the merrier

On Julia's 6 month birthday I discovered her first curls.

A month later her locks were long enough to hold a bow in place.

and here we are today....
two bows, and countless curls.

I get asked all the time where she got the curls from.
My hair is only wavy, but my dad had curly hair, both my mom's brothers have curly hair, and Brian would have curls if I didn't keep his hair cut so short. Brian's brother had curly hair as a baby until after his first hair cut and it went straight.

With that many curly heads in the family you'd think I would have wondered if one of our children would have curly hair too, but the thought never crossed my mind. It's strange to go back and look at Julia's pictures prior to April '07 because you'd never ever guess that one day like magic the curls would appear.
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  1. That is a GREAT photo! I am SO jealous! Since I DO have curly hair, it HAS crossed my mind that one of my kids could have curly hair. But, nope. Stick straight is what we got! Just love Julia's hair. (I know you'll say that Maisie's could turn...but I know it's not going to. It's the EXACT same hair the boys had at three months. Which is fine...I love their hair. I'll pigtail it all up when I can. But, ahhhh, curls....sigh.)

  2. I love her hair!

    I secretly hoped that Ella would have curls since I did. Not as much as Julia though!

  3. I love curly hair on baby girls, and Julia's hair is precious! We've got straight & wavy hair in the family, but no all out curls. I'm trying not to be envious, but I'm starting to turn green. :)


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