Thursday, January 3, 2008

More mac&cheese please

They've eaten two boxes already this week. Thank goodness Annie's* makes an organic version that tastes just like the stuff in the blue box so I can sneak a few bites for myself. mmmm...


  1. Ok dear, I think I may want to follow in yours and Jennifers footsteps on the privacy thing. Can you help a sista' out?

  2. Oh, that first shot of Sammy and the mac on fork is MONEY. That's what MY kiddos had for lunch today, too! Annie's Mac and Cheese! I added corn and black beans to ours, though. Yum. I know, you hate beans. Remember the sandwich and fruit leather thing at the SP? Of course you do:)

  3. But guess what! I put corn and beans on our taco pizza for dinner tonight. I swear! Remember that baby food I said I bought? She didn't like the yummy yammies and I wasn't very hopeful that she'd go for the tex-mex (which she did when I gave her the last couple of bites - cold - after I'd added a layer to our corn tortillas) There was enough other stuff that I didn't even taste the one or two black beans that made it onto my particular pizza.

    Oh and Tiffany - if you happen to read this when you get back from skiing, I guess I shouldn't give up all hope on using purees after all.

  4. Okay, now that IS crazy. Maybe we eat and feed out kids the same EVERY day and just don't know it! What's for breakfast tomorrow?! :)

    Soo into other stuff that I'm not gonna email back now, but THANKS for your loooong one and your nice compliments on my new photo!! Really. Thanks.


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