Sunday, January 13, 2008

Let me count the ways

1. I love that you look like your daddy
2. I love the many expressions you make with your face
3. I love that you have the voice inflections of a grownup
4. I love the way you tuck your hands between us to stay warm when we snuggle after a nap
5. I love the things you say when you play with your trains
6. I love that you enjoy Psalty the Singing Songbook as much as I did when I was your age
7. I love your sweet kisses
8. I love how you protect your little sister from kids who get too rough with her
9. I love how entertaining it is for you to run circles around the house
10. I love coming into your room to cover you up before I go to bed every night
11. I love listening to you sing along to the CD's in the car
12. I love it when you run out of the classroom to find me after school
13. I love participating in circle time with you
14. I love pushing you on the swing
15. I love going for walks with you
16. I love the softness of your cheek
17. I love how brave you are to let me wash your hair
18. I love that you enjoy reading so much
19. I love that you want to take pictures with me using the self-timer
20. I love it when you say "sure"
21. I love that you are so polite
22. I love that you enjoy Sunday School so much
23. I love that you still remember the type of snake we saw at the Children's museum 2 weeks ago
24. I love that you respond so genuinely with "I love you too Mommy" when I say I love you.
25. I love that you talk to Jesus
26. I love that you are kind to the puppy
27. I love to bake with you
28. I love that you let me cut your hair
29. I love that you enjoy being out in the snow this year
30. I love it when you hold my hand
31. I love it when you share with your sister
32. I love it when your wet feet leave footprints on the bathmat after baths
33. I love watching you color and paint and cut with scissors
34. I love talking to you on the phone
35. I love watching you play nicely with your friends
36. I love how eager you are to help wash the dishes
37. I love it when you get so excited that you can barely get your words out
38. I love your dark blue eyes
39. I have loved all 39 months you've been my Sammy Sam.


  1. Isn't it true....all the precious "little" things our children do that that mean "a lot" to us.

    It was fun getting to know your little Sammy Sam a little more this morning.

  2. Goosebumps.

    Happy "39 Months," Sam!

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