Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Have you ever googled the ingredients in your children's lotions?

I did this morning and promptly tossed the bottles in the trash. Petrolatum* in their AveenoBabyLotion is under suspicion as a carcinogen in BreastCancer. Some may say I'm paranoid, but when it comes to my babies health I'd rather be safe than sorry.
What products have you read up on that we see on the shelves at our local Target* that we should be aware of?

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  1. that's funny... i just did a bunch of research on that a few weeks ago. Burt's bee's is good we like to use natural vit. e and coconut oil for lotion on the babies. Works great! I use oils instead of lotion too. My hubby puts it in his hair instead of conditioner. It's defiantly multi-useful!


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