Sunday, January 20, 2008

Give me a L.......Give me an O........Give me a Q

What's that spell?
Not a thing.
But those were the very first letters my blue-eyed boy wrote all by himself tonight.

I witnessed the writing of the brown "L" and 30 minutes later when I came downstairs after putting Julia to bed, Brian showed me an "O" and a "Q" he had done all by himself. I almost started to cry. My baby is growing up.
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  1. Way to go, Sam! And good for you guys for working with him! We haven't worked on letters with Kieran, but the other day while we were drawing, I discovered that Kieran, too, can make an o. Impressive if you know that when I taught Kindergarten art, not all the kids could even make an o then!

    (Yes, we had a great day! We were only home for 2 hours for naptime. More later...but now I am working on photos, organizing what's left of my and Maisie's clothes, and preparing to watch LOST with Prince Charming!)


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