Saturday, December 22, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Looks like we are in store for a white Christmas this year. Not that there was much doubt. Until a couple days ago we haven't been above freezing since before Thanksgiving. The slush created by yesterday's upper 30's is now covered with a fresh layer of pure white

Brian is off plowing again, but hopefully not for long.

The kids and I are enjoying The Polar Express, breaking the "no eating in the living room" rule, and I'm about to make a pot of coffee just for me- something I never ever do unless we have company.

It's not the same as having Daddy home, but it's fun to look at pictures of him from last night's skating adventure.

(These were my sister's skates from ages ago.)
This was Sammy's first time on skates and it felt like mine too. I haven't skated since college and it's been at least 5 years since Brian laced up his skates.

I can guarantee that if it weren't for Sam on the ice to help me balance, I would be nursing a pretty sore bum this morning.

It was Skate with Santa Night and Sam was doing his best to keep his distance. Julia, on the other hand, kept shouting "Santa! Santa!" I can only juggle so many things at once so there's only video of her giving him a high five as he skating past after a break in the penalty box.

Time to hit the publish button before squirmy wormy Julia erases everything. :) Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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