Saturday, December 8, 2007

Snow much fun!

When snow means Daddy has to leave for big chunks of time it's hard not to dislike the fluffy white stuff. The silver lining is that it makes us appreciate the time we do have.

Temps in the single digits, bad colds, and a two hour cleaning frenzy for a showing didn't put a damper on our family's fun this weekend.

We stumbled upon the perfect sledding hill
(a walking path that apparently in the winter
doubles as a luge) and had a terrific time. The best part is that we were only 30 seconds from home when the kids got too cold. Last year Sam wouldn't stay outside for more than two minutes. This year the ratio of time spent getting on snowsuits/two pair of socks/boots/scarves/mittens/hats to the time spent outdoors is working in my favor.

If you don't count the chunk of snow, Sammy got to go down the hill all by himself today! (Click on the picture to see the huge grin on his face.)

Tonight we're going on our annual Christmas lights "tour". I love this time of year!


  1. How on earth did you get the shots of all of you on the toboggan?!?! What fun!!!!

  2. Great pics of the family! If only I LOVED the cold and snow a little bit more... :-)


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