Saturday, December 15, 2007

On location

I had the privilege of taking portraits of Owen and Staci's family this morning. They are a beautiful family, inside and out. Click here to see more.
Thanks guys for having me over this morning!


  1. Carrie,
    Thank you for doing a great job. we had so much fun having you take our picture.
    I think I could look at them all day. A few even made me tear up because they were so sweet.
    You captured the children so well.

  2. These are GREAT! Did you do these in YOUR home or elsewhere? If so where do you have it set up?

  3. Thanks for your kind and encouraging comments ladies! It was fun to photograph someone other than my own kids for a change. :)
    Owen and Staci have the BEST natural light in their condo. I just hung my backdrop in a doorway and sat on their kitchen island for many of the shots. Ginny, the oldest, smiled in every single picture. No matter what was going on around her, her big brown eyes were on me the whole time - a photographers dream!
    I use two fleece blankets for backdrops. By taping one to the wall and putting the other on the floor I don't have to worry about anyone stepping back too far and ripping the tape off like I would if I used one big backdrop.
    The Christmas picture of the kids that I'll post in a minute was taken in my living room "studio". Again - the blanket taped to the wall and a lamp for extra light. I used a flash, but it still turned out ok.


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