Monday, December 31, 2007

Musical Chairs

I feel like I'm running in circles trying to stay in the game. I've been busy assigning email addresses to blogs and blogs to email address - only to realize that I did it wrong and have a big mess to untangle. The New Year's ball will have dropped long before my new blog is ready to be unveiled. It is hard to keep anonymity in a family blog while getting your name out there in the form of a business blog. thepaulyspicsandprose.blogspot has served me well and it will be sad to say goodbye. But change is good and if you've read anything I've written in the past eleven months you already know our family has gone through many changes. A big thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions for a blog name. You'd be surprised how many people "take" a blog name and then never post anything or haven't posted since 2000.

4 now I'll wish you all a Happy and Blessed New Year! See ya in '08!

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