Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I can't put my finger on it

It noon and this day has dragged on for an eternity. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm fighting a head cold (and every mom knows there's no TLC for us - it's life as usual) or maybe it's the strain of trying to keep three kids quiet so Brian could get a few hours of sleep (he plowed from 8pm until 6 this morning).
It certainly didn't help that I couldn't suck out noses for fear of waking anyone in a five block radius. I hate that snarkly sound and I'm sure it's no fun for them either. Just when I was feeling a little better because Brian was up and the pressure of promoting only quiet kid activities was off, the Realtor called with a request for a showing. Oh my. I had to say no. I have no energy to clean a house that hasn't had a showing for over 2 weeks. Decorations are half up (read: Rubbermaid tubs still sitting in the living room), the laundry pile is poised to be given it's own designation as a mountain, the kids need naps, and the worst thing of all - the vacuum is broken (think pine needles). For fear of sounding whiny and annoying....shoot, re-reading this to myself, I'm way past whining. So before I collapse in exhaustion and frustration I'll smear some icing on the cake - the pileated woodpecker is back. Twice I've had to chase him away and then the monthly storm siren test started - right after I put the kids down for their nap.

updated at 2:30: Kids are sleeping, homemade beef barley soup is soothing my cold, and I'm off to read my Bible - something to sooth my soul.


  1. I had a day like that yesterday! After spilling an etire glass of milk, and later a big glass of sodea all over the floor, cabinets, walls (and having to clean it up twice), my windshield wiper fluid quit working on my 30 min. drive to the doctor. I had to stop to manually clear it off 3 times, and was late to my appointment... I just hid under the covers for a good hour once I got home, thankfully the kids played nicely and let me unwind..

    hope you have a more relaxing day today.

  2. Carrie,
    I hope you all start feeling better real soon. Being sick is surely not fun, and especially when more than one is hit with the bug.
    That homemade soup sounds super delicious!


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