Tuesday, December 4, 2007

...for richer or snowier

Cost of gas to drive to Target (in a snowstorm): pennies
Cost of bagels and coffee at the Target Starbucks: $4
Exercise while walking the aisles for an hour: free!!!
Dinner at Target $10
Two and a half hours of quiet so my hubby could nap before another night of plowing: priceless


  1. What a great wife you are! I'm sure he appreciates it more than you know!

    Caught up on your posts! Looks like both our families have a sick bug living in our house!

    I loved your Christmas tree 'chopping' down day! What a fun tradition!

    As for were right...I think I like #1 the best too!

    Hope you're doing GRRRRREAT!

  2. What a very nice wife you are!! Glad you guys had a cheap, good time!


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