Monday, December 10, 2007

Double Trouble

Like ripping into a Wonka Bar and finding a golden ticket, I discovered Julia has been approved for insurance when I picked up the mail on Saturday. The timing couldn't have been better because it turns out she has a double ear infection. We're off to the pharmacy and the chiropractor this afternoon. Thank you Lord for providing for us! Rachel, probably the best writer I've met in person, talks about God's mercies being new every morning in this post. I couldn't agree more Rachel!

* Treat yourself today and hop over to Good Knight Baby. Rachel's writing and well as her heart for the Lord will warm even the coldest winter day!

1 comment:

  1. What a super analogy, about Willy Wonka! Made me smile.

    Yeah that Julia is covered by insurance!! Now we work on Sam:)

    Great new sidebar photos and captions!

    Nice compliments about Rachel. I've actually been with her in person for the past few hours...and was out and about all day before that's why I've been out of touch!

    More later, my friend...


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