Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Believe me, this is one numbers game you DON'T want to play

8 - the number of times Sam threw up last night
45 - the number of minutes of sleep I got from 10pm-3am
12:45 - the numbers on the clock when Julia started throwing up
2 - the number of times I changed sheets on a bed last night
4 - the number of times I changed a towel on a bed
(I wised up and saved myself a heap of work and laundry)
5 - the number of times Julia threw up last night
4 - the number of loads of laundry I did in the past 24 hours
4 - the number of loads of laundry still waiting to be folded and put away
2 - the number of clues I had that we were headed for trouble
(Sam said his tummy hurt while we were eating dinner. I chalked it up to his tummy was full cuz he actually ate a complete dinner for once. Then later I was at Owen and Staci's dropping off their wedding album when Staci asked how the kids were doing because Moriah had started throwing up that evening. Brian called me as I was pulling into the driveway at 9pm to say Sam had thrown up.)
13 - the number of people (at last count) who caught the same bug on Sunday
12 - the number of trips I made up and down the steps between Sam on the couch and Julia in her crib
8 - the number of hours I spent sitting on the couch with Sam who maybe slept 3 hours all night
4:00 - the numbers on the clock when Brian started throwing up
8:30 - the numbers on the clock when Brian learned that Julia had been sick all night too.
10 - the number of times I've prayed that I don't get sick too.
2 - the number of kids who appear to be on the mend. We all took 2 1/2 hour naps today and the puking has subsided. Praise God!

I was sooo worried that I wouldn't be able to handle two sick kids on so little sleep but Julia was a champ. I would turn the light on in her room so I could see to clean up the mess, change the towel, wipe her mouth, pop a clean paci in, point to the towel and tell her night-night. Writing that makes it sound so cold, but talking and cuddling would only serve to wake her up and then what was I to do? This method worked like a charm and she went right back to sleep every time. This is on the heels of just starting to sleep through the night too! Then there's my Sammy Sam. He's was able to tell me when he was going to puke and other than the crib, and a bit on his pj's, he got everything in the bucket. He was scared and in pain but he managed to keep quiet and not wake up his sister or his daddy. I'm so proud of both of you and am happy you are feeling better!


  1. Oh my! Did everyone get food poisoning from when you went to Moriah's dedication? I'd rather have a week of colds than a night of puking! I'm glad to read that everyone seems to be on the mend.

  2. That thought had crossed my mind but Julia didn't eat any party food and she still got sick. I'm starting to get it now too. I could tell after going into Sam's room when he called out a few minutes ago. Hopefully Brian wakes up feeling well enough to watch the kids today.

  3. Boy, that brings back memories. We had only been our house for less than 2 weeks when all three kids, Gene and I got the flu at the same time. I spent a lot of time praying that it wasn't something in our new house that everyone was allergic to. Thankfully it wasn't. Hope all are feeling O.K. today. Love ya Rena

  4. I just can't believe how sick you all are...and how many other people got sick, too. And I miss you! (But I guess I am glad I haven't seen you in more than a few days, or I'd probably have a house full of pukers, too).

    I promise to write more to you tomorrow! I've just been soo tired and went to bed an hour and a half ago! (oh, I'm just up nursing Maisie...or I I just came out for a glass of milk...and a quick blog check!) Love you!

  5. Yikes-and I thought I had a rough night! Hope you are all feeling better. Let me know if you need anything.

  6. Oh how terribly sad. I hope you are all feeling better.


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