Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hot off the presses

The Nov/Dec issue of Mothering Magazine is finally here.

On page 29 you'll see what we've been waiting for....


  1. Well look at her! Julia is FAMOUS!!! lol What did she do to get in the magazine, besides being so cute?

  2. I entered the kids in a cover baby contest for Kissaluvs diapers. They didn't win, but were chosen as finalists. When they requested more pictures of Julia I was more than happy to oblige. I still can't believe she in print - especially since she didn't even win the contest.

  3. I can finally say I know someone famous! Where can an adoring family member get a copy of that?

  4. Oh, even after seeing the magazine in person, I can still hardly believe it! That is soooo cool!

  5. How fun is that! I'm sure that magazine will be saved for her to see when she gets older! Great job Julia!

  6. Sharon - IF I hadn't bought all the copies that Lakewinds had they usually carry Mothering. Otherwise, I know the Barnes and Noble at MOA carries it. The one at EP Center doesn't - I already checked. :)

    Jennisa - Yep, I already have a copy set aside especially for her as a keepsake.


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