Monday, October 8, 2007

An apple a day...

...hasn't kept Grandma away from the doctor. We got a call tonight from Sharon saying that Brian's mom is in the hospital. Feel better soon Grandma! We love you!

It wouldn't be the same if we didn't get to enjoy the orchard with Daddy so we headed out this afternoon to pick another bag of apples. Three more pies coming right up!

The apples were so plentiful that we could send Sam on down the row to pick apples on his own. He always came back with big, red, and bruise-free treasures. Julia on the other hand managed to pick up the most disgusting half eaten, rotten mushy, glob that once resembled an apple and happily shove it in her mouth. Gross.
You wouldn't believe how many of these I had to take to get one with both kids looking!
Sooooo worth the effort don't ya think? Time to check on those pies... Mmmmm!


  1. 1) Actually, I WOULD believe how many of those pictures you had to take to get one of them BOTH looking. Trust me.

    2) That photo of Julia a the top with the bright red apple to her mouth is priceless!!!!

  2. Don't you feel like pigtails or braids is what one must wear to the apple orchard? That's what Rachel & I both showed up with at an orchard on Saturday. :) I am curious to know where you went. I will find out in the morning. Off to bed now, right?


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